Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Reading Reserves 4 Cherries Reserves 0

Date: 11 April 2001

It's a shame the papers weren't right the morning after this match! The ones that had "Reading Reserves 4 Bristol Rovers Reserves 0". Perhaps we'll be lucky and that's what will go in the official records!

The first Reading goal came from Forster (returning from injury) on the 21st minute so the half time score was a respectable 1-0. But their second (a Smith own goal) came only two minutes after the break, and their third on 77 minutes. Their fourth goal (scored by Gareth Seddon, a triallist who had also played for Everton reserves earlier in the week) was literally the last kick off the game - there wasn't even time to re-start. There were a lot of other shots from Reading too, such as when Alcott hit the side netting in the 45th minute.

The Bournemouth player who most impressed the Reading fans (attendance was 70-odd, and I think there were only two of us from Bournemouth!) was Narada who was very busy in the left fullback position (left wingback for the middle third of the match). Day (captain) was also very involved. He played just in front of the centre backs for the whole ninety minutes, which is a good position from which to control the game. Smith was our most useful defender, winning a number of important balls and making effective clearances - though it was anyone's guess where the ball would land. His tendency to hoof the ball in an arbitrary direction needs to be tempered.

Those were the only three players that looked like potential first team material. But in fairness I should add that Feeney, Stock and Eribenne all got shots in. Eribenne and Day both picked up bookings too.

A pleasant evening out (the Thatched Cottage is a brilliant pub!) and full marks to Reading for producing a team sheet that was so up to date that it had results from that afternoon recorded on it. But it was a pity that Farnborough Town FC couldn't lay on any food or drink at all - not even a cup of tea!

The starting line-up, with my scores out of ten :

Menetrier (7);
Purches (6), Smith (7), Birmingham (6), Narada (8);
Day (8);
O'Connor (6), Stock (7), Huck (5);
Eribenne (7), Feeney (6).

Stock took over O'Connor's place on the right, and O'Connor took over Stock's place in the 'hole' behind the forwards, for the second half.

For the middle third of the game, 3-5-2 :

Purches, Smith, Birmingham;
Huck, O'Connor, Stock, Narada;
Feeney (Thompson), Eribenne.

My 'man of the match' : Narada.

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