Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Brentford Reserves 0 Cherries Reserves 5

Date: 25 October 2000

Vinny, Wicksy and I had a great evening. The only regret is we didn't have a camera to capture the scoreboard at the end: "Brentford 0 Bournemouth 5"!

A strong line-up of course - but no more so than Brentford's, most of which cost the club real money and also have first team experience. Elliott and Eribenne were both on fire. Elliott played like it was a cup final! Eribenne's first goal - a delightful left footed 25 yard chip over the head of the keeper - was quite rightly applauded by the home fans. Eribenne's second was a cleanly taken penalty. The third goal, by Lokake, was a left foot volley. The fourth, by Elliott, was a stormer having skinned the full back. The fifth (Eribenne's third) was a delicate lob.

It was good to see Howe play 90 minutes, although there was a bit of a scare when he went down holding his knee following a stupid challenge from Pinamonte, which the latter was sent off for.

Howe also, as captain, controlled the team well and even succeeded (for a while) in keeping Narada in the back three when all he wanted to do was to hare off down the left wing! (For the second half, when Huck came off, Narada got to play where he wanted to!) Day's passing was as accurate as ever. Lokake could be useful, but another shortie. Stock seriously impressed me - officially playing in the "hole" behind the front two, but in practice popping up wherever the ball was - left wing, right wing, even helping out in defence with one goal line clearance.

Let the "reserves" play as the first team, I say!

My scores out of ten :

Tardif (6);
Broadhurst (6), Howe (7), Narada (5);
Elliott (8), Ford (6), Day (7), Huck (6);
Stock (8);
Eribenne (9), Lokake (6)

My 'man of the match' : Eribenne.

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