Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Walk number 13

Banstead Commons and Nork Park (8.93 miles / 14.38 km / 3.50 hours):

Perrotts Farm Woolpack Banstead well
Photos copyright © Graham Pearcey 2011

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  • Park at The Woolpack, 186 High Street, Banstead, SM7 2NZ. Food is served all afternoon until 9:00 PM Mon-Wed (occasionally breaking from 4:00 to 6:00), 9:30 PM Thu-Sat (occasionally breaking from 4:00 to 6:00) and 6:00 PM Sun.
  • Starting in the pub car park, walk between the white lines which lead you out the back and into Lady Neville Recreation Ground. Follow the path round to the right and walk through the recreation ground exiting opposite a post-box. Turn left along the road (De Burgh Park). Take the first footpath on the right that soon leads past allotments to reach Holly Lane. Turn left but walk along Holly Lane East (because Holly Lane doesn’t have pavements). At the far end join the footpath for a short distance before turning left onto a path signed Park Downs. Follow the hedgerow trees on your left to the top corner of this field, then follow the next field edge until you come to a signpost in 50m. Turn left (signed Park Road), and take the right hand path to the end of the woodland.
  • At a bench, take the well-worn path over Park Downs, keeping straight on until you pass to the left of a notice board, and soon crossing Park Road and following the Banstead Countryside Walk (BCW) signs. Bear left and left again for a route that follows a fence (to your left). After about five minutes, a three-way finger post directs you right (downhill) along a permissive footpath that bears left as soon as it enters the woods. The path’s a bit unclear but as you emerge from the woods you should see two clear BCW signs and, descending the hill, hear the traffic on Holly Lane even before you see it.
  • Carefully cross both carriageways of Lower Park Road to enter the car park. Leave by the kissing gate at the top left hand (south) corner, and follow the waymarked gravel path. After 75m, join the public footpath signed Perrotts Farm. Soon after, ignore the steeply rising path through woods to your right, instead taking the left hand (more gently climbing) path outside the woodland edge, alongside a fence with views over Outwood Lane (the B2032) towards Chipstead on your left. Continue through a tunnel of trees until a route, left, leads to The Ramblers Rest pub but you continue straight on. 185m further on, at a three-way finger post (which claims to be 0.75 miles on from the car park), turn right (signed Banstead Woods) into Fames Rough. At another three-way finger post, turn left onto the BCW.
  • Keep straight ahead until the path narrows and bears right, and you leave Fames Rough by the stile at the corner of an open field. Maintain direction along the edge of the field, with woods to your right, and cross a stile to the right of buildings at Perrotts Farm.
  • Cross the farm road, and take the signposted bridleway. Follow it along the left hand side of the field till the bridleway becomes a footpath and passes a stile.
  • Your route kinks to the right to proceed along the edge of Ruffett Wood, where to your right you can see again Park Downs and Holly Lane. At the end of the wood maintain direction (signed Holly Lane). Entering woodland, the path immediately crosses a track, but you turn left and proceed along this track. You have reached the half way point of the walk.
  • Just before it becomes Chipstead Road (on reaching houses), go left into the field and follow a path that descends and rises again. Reaching another corner of Ruffett Wood, turn right into woodland, and then bear left (signed Copt Hill Lane) before proceeding along a right hand field edge and back into a smaller area of woodland. Go through a kissing gate. Follow the right hand field edge straight on (signed Burgh Heath) to a four-way finger post, and continue straight on across another field (also signed Burgh Heath) towards a gap in a hedge. Carry straight on along another field with Canons Wood on your right, until you reach a kissing gate near some houses. Turn right but cross to take the safe (left hand) pavement. Just before the A217, cross back and then carefully cross both carriageways of the A217 itself to locate a footpath.
  • Follow the footpath into woodland. At the cross paths, carry straight on between fences. At the road, turn left and follow it as it bears right. At the end of the road cross over and follow the footpath alongside the yellow litter bin. At the next road (Waterer Gardens), cross over and follow the footpath to the left of the newsagents’. At the end of the path, turn right and then shortly turn left onto a path into woodland. Carry straight on downhill until you reach a picnic area in Nork Park. Having noted the extensive views towards London, turn right and follow the track, with a sports field to the left, that passes through a metal gate to a car park.
  • At the end of the car park turn left to follow either of two parallel downhill paths through a long avenue of trees, with backs of houses to your right, eventually reaching a children’s play area; then turn right around it and out onto Nork Way. Turn right and follow this road for half a mile. Where it bears sharply left, go straight on along Eastgate. Where Eastgate bears left after shops, go straight on along a footpath. Cross the main road at the crossing and carry straight on until you reach another road. Turn left towards Banstead Station, but cross this road immediately to follow the bridleway that runs to the right of the railway track. At the end of the bridleway, turn right to cross both carriageways of the A217 safely at the traffic lights. Turn left and walk back along the A217. After going over the railway, turn right into a golf course. Bear left at the first fork then gently bear right to follow the waymark into a small wooded area and subsequently straight across another section of the golf course; then head downhill through more woodland till you reach another bridge over the railway. Cross it and turn right then immediate left onto a climbing path through trees.
  • At the next crossways proceed straight ahead onto a wide, climbing, surfaced path; and ignore all side paths until you eventually reach Winkworth Road. Cross with care and follow the path straight ahead. Ignore a service road (Barnfield) but at the main road (Sutton Lane) turn right and cross just before you reach a roundabout to proceed a short distance along Park Road. Pass the old village well, which was still in use at the end of the 1800s, on your left. Then just past the Banstead Community Hall turn right onto a signed path and, on arriving at Lady Neville Recreation Ground, turn right again to retrace your steps to The Woolpack pub.

This route was last walked on 10 April 2019, and the directions were accurate then. Please e-mail me if you find any errors, if you would like a copy in Word format, or if you would prefer a version that starts and ends at Banstead station.

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