Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Walk number 10

Virginia Water and Wentworth (9.41 miles / 15.14 km / 3.50 hours):

Five Arch Bridge Rose and Olive Branch Cascade
Photos copyright © Graham Pearcey 2011

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  • Park at The Rose and Olive Branch, Callow Hill, Virginia Water, GU25 4LH. Lunchtime food is served until 2:30 PM Mon-Sat only. No food available Sun except for those who've booked in advance.
  • With your back to the pub, turn left but cross to take the safe pavement. At the first bend on the hill, cross back to take a muddy bridleway the short distance to a T-junction.
  • Turn left. After passing two luxury gated dwellings on the right, fork right to follow the footpath through woods to another residential road. Here follow the “Public Bridleway to Stroude Road” sign, downhill, eventually crossing the railway line. At Stroude Road turn right but cross to take the safe pavement. Continue half a mile to the cross-roads with pedestrian lights. Turn right and re-cross the railway via a road bridge in about 300 metres. Descend via steps (left) to the station car park.
  • Take the footpath indicated by a “Riverside Walk & Nature Trail” sign. Ignore all turnings off to emerge at the edge of a housing estate. Turn right here into Trumps Green Avenue; go left at the cross-roads into Beechmont Avenue; turn right again to pass a parade of shops; and proceed uphill as far as the junction with Crown Road. Walk the full length of Crown Road, then cross Wellington Avenue to take the public footpath opposite. Continue along the track, uphill. At a three-way junction of paths on Wentworth Golf Course, follow the public footpath sign right, going downhill, to reach another sign in about 100 metres. Turn right. In about 30 metres, follow the path into woods, to emerge by Fox Meadows. Proceed to the tarmac road. Follow West Drive for over a mile as it meanders through the Wentworth Estate and crosses the fairways. Emerge onto the A30 (London Road). Turn left and proceed along the pavement. In about 300 metres, cross the road just before the former Bluebells Restaurant (now a building site). You have reached the half way point of the walk.
  • Follow the Public Footpath & Bridleway sign, to the right. Initially a gravel driveway, it turns into a very muddy track. The track eventually becomes a tarmac lane. Maintain direction at The Barn car park, then bear right and pass an hotel (right). At the junction with the A329, go left to the Virginia Water South car park, about 200 metres. Cross carefully into it, then enter Windsor Great Park via the pedestrian gate. Take the broad path straight ahead (to the right of the information boards) to the lake. Glance left to see the Five Arch Bridge, but turn right. Follow the lakeside path 1.25 miles past the viewpoint, Roman ruins, and Cascade Bridge by the waterfall, to the Virginia Water Pavilion (right).
  • Continue, however, a further half mile along the lakeside, and cross Wick Pond Causeway to reach the Totem Pole. After circling the pole, cross back over Wick Pond Causeway then immediately bear left across grass to join the path that runs parallel to the stream. Continue to a bend where the stream goes underground; bear left then turn right at a staggered junction onto an unmarked shady avenue. Keep on until you first hear and then see the A30. After merging with a path from the right, bear right twice to emerge onto the A30 via a metal gate in the corner of the park. Turn right on the A30 but start to look out for a Public Footpath sign that may be partially obscured amongst the trees on the other side of the road (opposite street lamp number 85). Take this footpath, proceed alongside the playing fields and maintain direction to reach Callow Hill, where you turn right and follow the pavement to The Rose and Olive Branch pub.

This route was last walked on 20 March 2019, and the directions were accurate then. Please e-mail me if you find any errors, if you would like a copy in Word format, or if you would prefer a version that starts and ends at Virginia Water station.

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