Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

give thanks that Sandra's back at work, having been discharged from hospital on 26 June following surgery, even though not yet completely recovered;

pray for Lyndsey, awaiting an appointment regarding a worrying lump discovered on her neck, due to take place on 21 July;

give thanks that Peter, hospitalised for twelve days with disorientation caused by an infection, is now home - though his movements are currently very limited;

pray for Bob, with lung cancer, back home now but still on palliative care;

give thanks that Margi has been transferred into a residential home where she can be well looked after;

pray for Ken, who has been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson's disease;

give thanks that Gwen, who had a defibrillator fitted last October, finally underwent the long-awaited operation on her arm this May;

give thanks that Claire, who was in and out of hospital last year, is enjoying better health and hasn't suffered any Ménière’s attacks recently;

give thanks that Teresa's chiropractor is satisfied with her progress and only wants to see her three times a year from August;

pray for the family of a man who committed suicide in May, particularly his young daughter who discovered his body.

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