Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

give thanks that Claire, who's been in and out of hospital lately, is now back home and hopeful of returning to work next week;

pray for Peter who's been referred to a specialist unit at Southampton hospital to assess, over the next few months, whether he should be listed for a liver transplant;

give thanks that Gwen, who suffered a heart attack, left hospital on 9 October having had a defibrillator fitted the previous day, and is already back in circulation;

pray for Rosemary, whose cancer has returned and who is now embarking on a course of chemotherapy;

pray for the family and friends of Malcolm, who died on 19 September; especially son Lewis, siblings Iain and Sarah, and parents Duncan and Margaret;

pray for the family and friends of David, who deteriorated rapidly in his latter days and also died on 19 September (aged 52); whose funeral was on 9 October;

pray for Teresa, who's trapped a nerve in her spine that runs through the sacroiliac joint, and so has been put on anti-inflammatory tablets and capsules;

pray for the family of Toni, who died aged 59 after some weeks in palliative care, and whose funeral was on 19 July; especially her brother Ash;

give thanks that Paul, worried about a health issue, was reassured by the results of an ultrasound that was carried out on 21 April;

give thanks that when Alison, suffering from 'pins and needles' on her face, saw a neurologist about it, nothing sinister was diagnosed.

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