Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

give thanks that Teresa's chiropractor is satisfied with her progress and only wants to see her three times a year from August;

pray for the family of a man who committed suicide earler this month, particularly his young daughter who discovered his body;

pray for Peter, working with medics trying to control his recent weight gain; also due to have a heart stress test on 13 May in preparation for a possible liver transplant;

pray for Duncan, whose wife is very unwell but who has now himself become hospitalized awaiting imminent surgery;

pray for Rosemary, who's not at all well but who was due to have her final chemotherapy session recently;

pray for Patricia, due to have immunotherapy treatment on 6 March followed by a CT scan and an MRI scan, who is inevitably nervous about the results;

pray for Gwen, who had a defibrillator fitted last October but is still awaiting an operation on her arm;

give thanks that Claire, who was in and out of hospital last year, is enjoying better health though still suffering occasional Ménière’s attacks;

give thanks that Jean's skin condition, that was causing her great pain and redness, is a lot better now;

pray for the family and friends of Malcolm, who died on 19 September; especially son Lewis, siblings Iain and Sarah, and parents Duncan and Margaret.

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