Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

pray for Carl, due to undergo an operation on 4 October at Chelsea's Royal Marsden Hospital to have the lower part of his esophagus removed;

give thanks that the young teenage girl previously hospitalised with an eating disorder, has made such good progress that she's now starting university;

pray for Elsie, who is really struggling with her mental health and living in a permanent state of fear and anxiety at the moment;

pray for family and friends of Derek, who died recently, especially his widow Jean;

pray for the family and friends of Ann, who died on 9 May aged 80, especially her husband Duncan;

pray for family and friends of Stephen, who suddenly collapsed and died at his home on 26 March; especially his widow (another) Ann;

give thanks that Teresa's daily exercises for a trapped nerve in her back are having the desired effect so she needn't revisit her chiropractor so often;

pray for family and friends of Robin, who died in hospital on Tuesday 15 March; especially wife Ruth and children Rachel and Richard;

pray for the family of Anne, who died on Tuesday 15 March; especially her three sons Philip, Andrew and David and their families;

give thanks that Liam, who'd developed pleurisy after having Covid, is now getting stronger every day, while still prone to breathlessness.

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