Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

pray for friends and family of Les, who passed away on 18 October having only recently been diagnosed with cancer, and whose funeral was on 15 November;

pray for Bob, with lung cancer, who has been on palliative care at home for some time; and his wife Molly who recently had a hip replaced;

pray for Ken, who has been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson's disease, but give thanks that he's still in good health at the moment;

give thanks that Gwen, who had a defibrillator fitted last October, and underwent the long-awaited operation on her arm this May, is now driving again;

give thanks that Claire, who has been in hospital again recently, is enjoying better health now she's on suitable medication;

give thanks that Margi has been transferred into a residential home where she can be well looked after;

pray for family and friends of Richard, who died earlier this year, especially his widow Mary;

give thanks that Teresa's chiropractor was satisfied with her progress on 13 August and doesn't want to see her again until December;

pray for Patricia, who's been advised she only has "months" to live, but has declined any further doses of immunotherapy as it didn't work previously;

pray for family and friends of Peter, who died on 21 July having become increasingly poorly with liver disease, especially his wife (another) Claire.

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