Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

pray for Teresa, who's trapped a nerve in her spine that runs through the sacroiliac joint, and so is on anti-inflammatory tablets and capsules for two weeks;

pray for Peter, due to have an electroencephalogram on 15 August and an endoscopy on the 17th; hoping to be judged fit enough for a liver transplant;

pray for the family of Toni, who died recently aged 59 after some weeks in palliative care, and whose funeral was on 19 July; especially her brother Ash;

give thanks that Claire is feeling better and returned to work on 15 May, but continue to pray for her as she still has to take things easy;

give thanks that Paul, worried about a health issue, was reassured by the results of an ultrasound that was carried out on 21 April;

give thanks that when Alison, suffering from 'pins and needles' on her face, saw a neurologist about it, nothing sinister was diagnosed;

give thanks that Ruth's operation was painless and she returned home promptly, but pray as she moves on from 12 weeks' chemotherapy to radiotherapy;

pray for family and friends of Nancy, who collapsed and died suddenly on 12 March; and especially her husband Fusi;

pray for the family of Matthew who's been sentenced to 32 years in prison, because they were completely unaware of his criminal activities;

pray for John, whose first child, William, was stillborn; also John's wife Rachel and mother Cath.

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