Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

give thanks that Teresa's chiropractor was satisfied with her progress on 13 August and doesn't want to see her again until December;

pray for Patricia, who's been advised she only has "months" to live, but has declined any further does of immunotherapy as it didn't work previously;

pray for family and friends of Peter, who died on 21 July having become increasingly poorly with liver disease, especially his wife Claire;

give thanks that the worrying lump discovered on Lyndsey's neck turned out to be nothing sinister;

give thanks that Sandra's back at work, having been discharged from hospital on 26 June following surgery, even though not yet completely recovered;

pray for Bob, with lung cancer, back home now but still on palliative care;

give thanks that Margi has been transferred into a residential home where she can be well looked after;

pray for Ken, who has been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson's disease;

give thanks that Gwen, who had a defibrillator fitted last October, finally underwent the long-awaited operation on her arm this May;

give thanks that (another) Claire, who was in and out of hospital last year, is enjoying better health and hasn't suffered a Ménière’s attack recently.

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