Graham Pearcey

Graham Pearcey

Prayer Wall

Please ...

pray for family and friends of Margi, who was lately in palliative care but sadly passed away on the morning of 6 July;

pray for family and friends of Mike, who died in the early hours of 15 June after his condition had deteriorated very rapidly; especially Linda;

pray for family and friends of Patricia, who sadly passed away on 4 April and whose funeral was on the 27th; especially her widower Paul;

pray for Margaret, whose husband passed away on 10 April, a victim of Covid-19;

give thanks that Teresa, diagnosed with a rotated pelvis and twisted spine, has noticed some improvement and is feeling more comfortable than previously;

pray for family and friends of Bob, whose memorial service was held on 18 March; especially his widow Mollie, who was 80 on the 21st;

give thanks that Dot, rushed into hospital on 3 January with multiple blood clots, is now fully recovered and back to leading a normal life again;

pray for Claire, who has a long-term heart condition and was also recently diagnosed as type 1 diabetic;

pray for friends and family of Les, who passed away on 18 October having only recently been diagnosed with cancer, and whose funeral was on 15 November;

pray for Ken, who has been diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson's disease, but give thanks that he's still in good health at the moment.

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